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Posted by Mrs Pip Wheelwright on 13/08/2011

Hi there. I Wanted to wish the Breastfeeding festival all the very best of luck again this year in raising awareness for this terrific cause. I sent one of my Boobie Buddies Doll sets up for the prize draw again this year, for the second year running. Well done everyone. Kind Regards Pip Boobie Buddies Ltd.

Posted by Sunny on 28/07/2011

been looking forward to this since last year's festival, when baby was still a big bump!

Posted by jean anderson on 15/07/2011   Email

What a wonderful web page and what a wonderful idea. You have done so much work with regard to this. My only problem is which days to choose. IGood luck.

Posted by Davina on 10/07/2011

I can't wait to pop into the festival for a couple of the days, I've been looking forward to it all year. I'm hoping to bring my big sister at least one of the days I attend. She was my inspiration for breastfeeding when she had her eldest son when I was just 8. She nursed all 3 of her boys and really helped to normalise breastfeeding for me. Really looking to being in Ulverston for this amazing event with my 2 nursing girls aged 26 months and 6 months :D

Posted by yve on 29/06/2011

I have only just heard about 'the breast feeding festival' and i think it is the BEST idea i have ever heard! i had my son almost 9 months ago and when he was born i had so many problems with breast feeding, I had no one to turn to so, the only thing i could do was to put him on formula. I think you are all doing fantastic work and i think it really is so important to make people realise (especially young mums) what an amazing gift your breast milk is to your child! Keep up the good work! :D

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