Freedom for Birth screening, 20th September 2012

We are screening the campaign documentary about human rights in childbirth
Arrive at 1:45pm for 2pm screening
20th September
Coronation Hall, Ulverston, Cumbria

The film is one hour long, and it will be followed by a discussion, based on the Freedom for Birth Guide to Action Steps

Tickets £3 for adults, which includes free refreshments.

This is a stand-alone event, so we are charging for tickets to cover the cost of the screening licence and the venue hire. You can reserve you tickets by e-mailing, or buy them from Jo Dawson at the Breastfeeding Group in the children's library, Ulverston Library, every Thursday 9-11am, or you can buy your tickets on the door. 

About the film

Made by British filmmakers Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford, Freedom For Birth film tells the story of an Hungarian midwife Agnes Gereb who has been jailed for supporting women giving birth at home. One of the home birth mothers  supported by Ms Gereb decided to take a stand. 

When pregnant with her second child, Anna Ternovsky took her country to the European Court of Human Rights and won a landmark case that has major implications for childbirth around the world. 

Toni Harman, one of the filmmakers says, “the Ternovsky vs Hungary ruling at the European Court of Human Rights in 2010 means that now in Europe, every birthing woman has the legal right to decide where and how she gives birth. And across the world, it means that if a woman feels like her Human Rights are being violated because her birth choices are not being fully supported, she could use the power of the law to protect those rights. With the release of “Freedom For Birth”, we hope millions of women become aware of their legal rights and so our film has the potential to spark a revolution in maternity care across the world. In fact, we are calling this the Mothers' Revolution.”

Publicise the screening

Please help us publicise the screening by downloading and printing the poster and flyers for the Ulverston screening of the film, and putting them up where plenty of people will see them. Many thanks!

Background reading

Please see the links below regarding pregnant women's rights, particularly in relation to past cases of forced caesareans in the UK, which are illegal if the pregnant woman is mentally competent.