Sling Library

We have a sling library which includes wraps, mei tais, ring slings, and other styles - details of a few are shown below. You can borrow any sling from our library free of charge by coming along to our Breastfeeding Support Group, Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am, in the children's library, Ulverston Library, Kings Road, Ulverston, Cumbria. Please note everyone is welcome to use our sling library - you do not have to be a breastfeeding mother.

Please refer to this essential information on Correct Positioning for the safety and comfort of your newborn baby, which includes photos of safe and unsafe positioning.

Sugar Spice Baby SPOC wrap

We have a light stretch 'Demi' Sugar Spice Baby SPOC (special piece of cloth) wrap in our library, and it is currently our most popular sling. 

Here is a link to Sugar Spice Baby's instructions page. Please read in the order they state (Safety, tips for first time baby wearer, SPOC wrap care and wear instructions)

They have lots of different SPOCs, currently: 2 different stretchy designs, 15 different light stretch designs, and 4 different non-stretch designs. 

Sugar Spice Baby also have a wonderful range of stunning Mei Tais - you can browse them here.

** NEW ** Calin bleu Cool Wraparound Sling

We have two new additions to our sling library - medium Calin bleu cool wraparound slings (woven wraps) in chocolate and in scarlet. The weight limits are 2.5kg to 15kg. The instruction booklet comes with the sling when you borrow it. There are also minicards with each sling giving you 10% off if you buy a Calin bleu sling.


Ellaroo woven wrap

We have an Ellaroo woven wrap (pattern name Christiane). The sling comes with its instruction booklet showing front carry (upright and cradle positions) and back carry.

Close Carrier

We have a charcoal Close carrier in our sling library. It's a great carrier to use especially if you want fathers and other family members to be carrying your baby as well. Close now has a lovely range of reversible carriers (e.g. Fig Butterflies), with a more intricate design on one side, and plain on the other side, designed to be used by both parents.

The sling comes with an instruction booklet and DVD, which you can borrow at the same time. 

This is Close Parent's description of the sling:

  • One size fits most. 
  • On average ladies size 8 to 20 (please call for more information). 
  • Easy to use, put it on over your head; no buckles or clips. 
  • Five different carrying positions, depending on personal preference or age of the baby. 
  • Simple ring mechanism adjusts the sling as the baby grows yet still holds the baby snugly and securely against the body.
  • Additional organic drawstring pouch for compact storage of carrier when not in use and for added support, when worn as a cumber band or as a soft shawl for discrete breast feeding.
  • Easy to care for - Machine washable. 
  • 100% organic cotton certified by the Soil Association.
  • The sling is suitable for 5lbs up to 32lbs. Front facing you: suitable for 5lb (2.27kg) to 32lb (14.55kg). Front facing out: suitable from 4/6 months. Nursing position: suitable for 5lb (2.27kg) upwards

Mamaway Baby Sling

We have one of these Mamaway ring slings in our sling library, with multi-coloured stripes. 

This photo shows the sling stored inside the bag which is integral to it, with the rings outside for carrying or hanging 

There are lots of YouTube videos showing you how to use this sling in different positions - please always check these instructions before use.

Here's a link to the Mamaway blog giving some info about this sling.

Some images showing the sling in use

Carefree Cwtshi (Mei Tai-style sling)

We have one Carefree Cwtshi, in brightly coloured striped fabric (as shown in the photo below), in the library. The paper instructions are with it.

Coorie Fleece Pouch Sling

These are sized slings (five sizes available, from extra small to extra large), and we have one black fleece Coorie pouch sling in the library, plus two woven pouch slings. There are instructions for different carrying positions on the Brightspark Slings website, but please also refer to the section on pouch slings in the article referenced above to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable.

Hippychick Hipseat

OK, not strictly speaking a sling, but still useful for carrying your baby or toddler. We have a black Hippychick hipseat in the library.

There is a video on YouTube to show you how to put it on, and more information about it here.

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